Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Open Topic

In response to Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Open Topic. We writers, as we work our way deeper into our craft, learn to drop more and more personal clues. Like burglars who… Continue reading

Now Boarding United Airlines Flight 175

In response to Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge.   The word this week is “Dark.” “Now Boarding United Airlines Flight 175”

Travel theme: Neutral

In respond to “Where’s my Backpack?” Photo taken near Jericho, Israel.      


MINIATURE WRITING CHALLENGE #44       fresh water and  sea Latin and Greek can’t  agree Poseidon or me

To Break a Promise?

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers. During thirty years of living together they had a few disagreements. There were the bleary eyes; the slurred words, the repeating of sentences. The sound of “I don’t… Continue reading

Six Word Story: Luck

This post is for The Sometimes Stellar Storyteller’s Six Word Story Challenge. This week’s theme is luck.   Got the dog in the divorce.

Travel Theme: Camping

This post is in response to Ailsa’s “Where’s My Backpack” challenge. Tent camping in Kenya. My kind of camping!  

Nobody Goes To Tucson In The Summer Time

This post is written for FFfAW (Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers).   Alfred knew it was time to leave. Eleven years in a  dead end job was enough. He was still single. He… Continue reading

The Heart Murmur

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers.   Growing up he had wanted to play in all sports. Dr. Rulney didn’t like the “lub-DUPP”  sound he heard when he put his stethoscope to… Continue reading

A Wasted Twenty Eight Years

This post is written for Friday Fictioneers. My story follows the picture prompt. I can’t believe that anyone would purchase that old building.  The road in front of the building is inaccessible to… Continue reading